Product Launch Formula 2017 Review & Bonus

Product Launch Formula 2017 is an internet marketing training course cretated by Jeff Walker that will teach you how to make a successful product launch online

Product Launch Formula is not just about running launches. Jeff shows you how to create products from the ground up – products for which there is a hungry market. He also goes deep into the how-to of joint venturing which is certainly the quickest way to build a profitable and sustainable passive income for the long-term.

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We can say without any hype that this product, and the product launch strategies it features, has probably been the #1 most influential Internet marketing product of all time.

If you don’t know Jeff Walker, he is well known as creator of Pro Follow Software and is recognized as one of the leading internet marketers. His name is ubiquitous on the Web.

Jeff literally changed the internet marketing game a few years ago when he created a system which allowed anyone to turn whatever type of product they were launching into a massive event. The whole idea behind it was to take a sales letter and turn it sideways.

Jeff Walker’s popularity and reputation have grown dramatically. His name is tag-bait wherever popular and successful internet marketers are discussed. His notable JV partners include Frank Kern, John Reese, and even Mike Filsaime – the last being a genuinely renowned internet marketer, one of the titans of the game.

He is the man behind the marketing strategies used in John Reese’s Traffic Secrets, Frank Kern’s Mass Control, Jason Potash’s Article Announcer, Rich Schefren’s Elite Coaching Club, Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkin’s StomperNet, and Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar … 6 of the most successful product launches in the Internet Marketing industry

You see, the latest guru products are the children of Product Launch Formula, which was first released in 2005. You see it in the marketing – all of the gurus use Product Launch Formula to roll out their launch.

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Product Launch Formula comes with video tutorial CDs, audio interviews, and manuals. Jeff really teaches the formula so that anyone can understand it. Everything is broken down into carefully segmented Camtasia videos and taught using a mind map to keep the content organized. As you go through the course, specific examples are shown so you can understand what Jeff is talking about.

Jeff will take you by the hand and share the special “toolbox” of techniques and step-by-step blueprints that he uses to get shocking results every time he launches (or re-launches) a product.

You’ll discover EXACTLY how to turn normal, every day prospects into “FOAMING AT THE MOUTH” buyers who can’t wait to order your product.

The first part of the course walks you through an overview of a product launch. What really got my attention is that Jeff uses surveys to tweak his products and gather objections before even launching his product. Later on, he uses this information to set up a successful launch.

The strategy is divided into 3 steps – the prelaunch, launch, and post launch. You’ll learn how to create your story, set up psychological triggers, and use all the tools. Probably the most misunderstood part of launching your product is the prelaunch. Most people announce they’re going to launch a new product soon to their list without having any emotional effect on their prospects. Jeff on the other hand creates anticipation, desire, and interacts with his audience along the way.

The launch sequence is where the nitty gritty details are revealed. Jeff suggests you use multiple consumption channels and message delivery channels so your list gets your messages/content. This really made sense for me – why limit yourself with email when you can also be using blogs, RSS, message boards, etc. He also shows you how to use the different psychological triggers and follow ups to maximize the sales when launch day finally arrives.

While most of the focus is on creating long multi sequence launches, Jeff even teaches you the right way to launch a product in 3 days. If you don’t have the time to set up a drawn out launch, you can use this to create quick pay days using 4-5 email announcements.

And a whole lot more!

What will really cement the concepts taught in the Product Launch Formula are the real life case studies that Jeff goes through. You get to see exactly how all the sales pages were set up, the follow up emails, and see how psychological triggers such as anticipation and scarcity are used in the launch. In fact, you get the exact emails (swipe file) Jeff used to launch a home study course to his trading market.

One of the most important things that Jeff talks about in the course is interacting with your audience through your blog. You can stir up anticipation, answer questions about your product, and even answer objections on your blog. This way, you can clear all the barriers and confusion that will keep your prospects from buying on the launch day.

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Product Launch Formula Coaching Program also includes access to the full Product Launch Formula Video Training Modules, plus the Live Product Launch Formula Coaching Calls, plus all the extra bonuses.

Jeff’s full “Launching Your List” program… and you will get this immediately the moment you complete your registration.

Jeff’s “Product Creation Course”, and that this will be delivered after the Product Launch Formula course is complete.

You will be placed in your own Mastermind Group with a small group of other Product Launch Formula Owners.

Access to Jeff’s newest program, “How to Start From Scratch”.

Free complimentary ticket to the Product Launch Formula Live Workshop. You can attend either this year’s workshop or next year’s event. Event dates and location will be emailed to you after you register

if you can’t attend the Product Launch Formula Live Workshop, you will be eligible for online access to the edited recorded videos from the event.

The information that is going to be shared in this coaching program is highly sensitive and contains confidential strategies, techniques, and tactics, and that he will not reproduce, distribute, disseminate, divulge or disclose any of the secrets, strategies, techniques or tactics contained in this course (that he did not previously know) in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

The program starts this coming week and each new module will be released at approximately 8 to 10 day intervals, based on the needs of the overall class.

You are covered by Jeff’s “Iron Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee”. If you want a refund for any reason whatsoever in the first 30 days, he will get a prompt and polite refund.

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So you better pick up Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula 4” before your competitors catch on. This is truly the “bread and butter” of top marketers around the world…and you might as well watch your moolah circle down the toilet if you don’t employ these strategies!

Is Product Launch Formula a Scam?

Product Launch Formula is not a scam.  Definitely not.  In fact, out of all the products I’ve reviewed on this Internet marketing blog, I can boldly go so far to say that out of all the courses and programs you might invest in, this is almost the one you have to get.  I say this because much like Think and Grow Rich has been a foundational read for a lot of successful entrepreneurs, the ideas in Product Launch Formula have formed the foundation of the success of a lot of the Internet marketers you read about on this site.

Product Launch Formula Not a scam.

In conclusion, Product Launch Formula is definitely something worth taking a look at.  It’s the staple product of virtually all successful product launchers (and, not just those in the IM or “make money” industries).

Does Product Launch Formula WORKS?

You can’t argue with results like these:

* Two 5 figure launches in two months (the first one didn’t even have a finished product!)

* $18,000+ in sales for a product in the guitar niche.

* $36,000+ EVERY month for a product that’s only for the Spanish speaking market.

* $500,000+ in sales for a health care information product.

* $2,000,000 (Yes 2 Million) in sales with a list of only 5,000 … and more people waiting to pay to get in!

Is Product Launch Formula suitable for me?

If you want to learn how to promote your product effectively or you want to learn how to make a product that will sell good then Product Launch Formula is a great investment for you.
It will teach you how to make everything from scratch and how to launch product to sell it successfully.

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How Much Does Product Launch Formula Cost?

Jeff Walker’s Original Product Launch Formula Product Not going to sugar coat this… signing up for the current version of Product Launch Formula will cost you $1997! You can pay that in one lump sum, or you can pay a little more and spread he payments over 6 months. But, that’s the bottom line.

That price has not changed in years. But, the value you get for it has definitely increased. You get the launch formula training, plus a full list building course, plus a full product creation course, plus a bunch of cool extras. If you are ready to take action, the cost will be repaid quickly by your increased profits.


In the “$1997” market of online marketing products, this is one of the few that actually meets the expectation of the cost.  Jeff Walker has been creating this Product Launch Formula for years now.  His expertise in the topic of product launching and selling products on the internet is unsurpassed.  His training techniques (mostly in the form of video and webinars) are clear and precise. And the content that is delivered is usually cutting edge with techniques that are achieveable by most current and aspiring online entrepreneurs.


This isn’t a magic button to make your rich. This is not a quick scheme or one single strategy that works…this is about creating a successful online business. Expect to do work. Expect there will be challenges. But following these types of techniques will give you the best chance at success online.


Product Launch Formula is HIGHLY recommended and if you are looking to start an internet business or are simply looking for a way to launch a product online then it is a must. To get our amazing bonus package aswell… and for FREE, act AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

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