Blogging with John Chow Review & Bonus

Blogging with John Chow is an all-inclusive Internet marketing course that promises to help make money just by effective blogging for anyone who tries it. It can guide users to create powerful and effective blogs that will result in considerable profits.

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If you don't know John Chow, he is the owner of one of the biggest blogs in the world and best known for showing the income power of blogging by taking his blog from zero to over $40000 per month in two years.

Over the years, his blog has become synonymous with the term ‘make money online’ and his latest guide – Blogging With John Chow – is an all-in-one treatise on the art of blogging, complete with step by step PDF guides, in-depth videos created by himself along with multiple case studies thrown into the mix.

His 8 years of experience in the IM scene have been condensed into bite-sized pieces, making this the complete all-in-one solution to every budding blogger’s arsenal.

Besides having written many other books and running one of the biggest money making blogs in the world, John have also been featured in such publications as The Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ming Pao Magazine and BC Business Magazine, also appeared on numerous radio and television shows, like The Lab with Leo Laporte and Global Morning News.

So when Chow releases a blogging product…EVERYONE listens! The question though on everyone’s mind is whether the new Blogging With John Chow product is a must buy…or a flop…

Before I go any further…let me explain what’s all included in Blogging With John Chow.

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Once you sign up for Blogging with John Chow, inside the member’s area you will have access to 9 different modules and each of these modules are branched into several sub-topics. One separate module is “30 day action plan”.

Module 1 – Blogging – Builds Bank Accounts

In this first module of Blogging with John Chow he gives a brief introduction on why you need a blog and its role in earning income. After this brief introduction, two chapters are on researching the topic and branding your blog. Researching topic covers on finding a topic that draws people’s interest. He mentions 6 different methods for finding hot topics. And the branding chapter includes the importance of branding and how to build a brand.

    A blog is a brand. It’s a direct reflection of you and what you think about a given topic or set of topics.

Module 2 – Launching Your Blog

I have nothing much to say about this module. He suggests about buying a domain name, hosting, choosing themes with minimal graphics and 10 plugins for seo, security, ads and social features.

Module 3 – Brand-o-Nomics

This module continues with an extended version of branding, importance of staying updated about your topic and free tools to accomplish this. One interesting topic covered here is the “Seven Habits of Successful Bloggers” chapter. These were interesting to me and truly good habits.

    The goal of a website, remember, is not to make money. It’s not to rank in Google or to have more pages than another page. It is to provide something of value to a visitor. So, when you create a website that is filled with content effectively replicated from another site, the results are going to be less than stellar.

Module 4 – Content Is Duke, Prince, King…..

Nothing was too special in Blogging with John til now. But here is the important module that covers everything about writing killer content. He teaches on writing authoritative, entertaining and controversial content that can go viral, bringing attention of a larger audience. Covers creating video content, recording and distributing pod-casts,  interviewing an expert and few others.

Interestingly John Chow touches the topic of creating info-graphics. They are certainly hot now. If you have a habit of reading blogs like or visit sites like then you certainly know how hot they are. People are visual. And love to read information in pictorial form. This also brings advantage in driving traffic. You can distribute to sites and generate traffic.

Also this module highlights that content shouldn’t be written for search engines. John Chow says that he was never worried about Google updates and will let you know why.

Module 5 – List Building

List building is the process of creating an email list and encouraging people to subscribe and follow along as you provide tips and strategies or updates about your site.

List building, list building, list building! How many times have you heard this on forums and blogs? Blogging with John Chow speaks the same here. John teaches the 3 step process to list building and 6 different ways to provide valuable information regularly and build relationship with your list.

Module 6 – Monetizing 101

Time to ask this question… Why are you blogging? To show yourself as an authority on that particular topic and of course, to monetize your content. This module guides on affiliate marketing and Google Adsense strategies with the right places to place your ads so that they get maximum exposure. Blogging with John Chow also covers selling ad spaces on your website and best services to use for this.

Module 7 – Hunting Down Loyal Readers

You know this well… No traffic = No readers = No revenue.

    This is the age of social media and while there are probably plenty of people who subscribe to your feed and read it that way, a lot more people wait for updates on your Facebook Page or Twitter feed where they can read it on their phones or tablets or computers or (depending on what year you’re reading this) some other high tech device that probably straps to the side of their head.

This module is about increasing RSS subscribers, driving traffic from social media and the importance of networking with other bloggers.

This module was disappointing to me. Traffic generation did not have much techniques. Blogging with John Chow’s main traffic strategy is seo which is covered in the next module.

Module 8 – Optimizing for Google Rankings

What Google is actually doing is trying to make their results better. A better product means more traffic means more ad revenue – simple business model. We want the exact same thing, so whatever Google says is “better” we provide them.

Blogging with John Chow brings to the scene of latest Google Panda and Penguin updates and how you can stay without being worried. John Chow warns to not build any backlinks with softwares, paid links or any other way but strictly follow natural linking strategies. Along with this he lays down link baiting strategies to create viral content that brings natural links.

Module 9 – What’s Happening

Final module of Blogging with John Chow, tracking is here. Tracking is a very important part of any business. Forget this, things can go wrong. Few free tools are mentioned to help you track your visitors and search engine rankings.

30-Day Action Plan:

One separate module of Blogging with John Chow is the “30 Day Action Plan”. Refer to this only after you have completed all other modules. This module is to follow the training by taking action. Everyday take baby steps so that you will reach your goal. In the beginning things are over-whelming, so instead of loosing focus and searching for what to do next, complete each step for every single day.

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Blogging With John Chow Pros And Cons:


    Blogging with John Chow does not ask people to be an experienced blogger to start such a business.
    The program enables people to achieve much money online in search engines and social networks.
    It is the basic program that provides people lots of detailed instructions to understand and apply.
    It gives users John Chow’s experience in making money online so they can achieve income successfully.
    Blogging with John Chow offers users 24/7 customer services.
    The program has a policy of 100% money back guarantee when users do not achieve any effects of it.


Though Blogging with John Chow includes many advantages, people can discover that the program is effective or not. However, this program is not a magic one that helps people get lots of dollars overnight. It depends on their effort, time, and other factors.


Each nice old man said which i won’t determine if something is good or bad – until I try it for myself. And this is my final contemplation on Blogging With John Chow. Check it out for yourself! sixty days cash back guarantee if Blogging With John Chow doesn’t live up to your expectations was suitable for me personally.

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